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Laws regarding firearms
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By hayes1966
Maryland's 'all hands on deck' firearms application review under fire.

acing a deluge of gun ownership applications, state employees from multiple agencies were called in to process paperwork over the weekend — to the dismay of gun-rights activists.

A Maryland lawmaker asked state Attorney General Douglas Gansler whether it’s legal for those employees to see sensitive data on firearms applications.

Maryland State Police officials have been overwhelmed with applications ahead of the Oct. 1 start of a gun-control measure that gives Maryland some of the nation’s tightest gun laws.

To quicken the licensing division’s pace in processing applications, the state police called in reinforcements from five separate state agencies to process applications starting Friday.

In a statement released on Saturday, the state police detailed steps taken to protect each applicant’s personal information, from Social Security numbers to driver’s licenses. Each employee involved in a data entry was bound by a confidentiality agreement.

But gun-rights activists quickly questioned the move to allow employees not in the state police, and without extensive training, to view sensitive information. They voiced concerns about an increased risk of burglary, identity theft or other crimes.

Del. Kevin Kelly, D-Allegany, has asked the Attorney General’s Office if it’s legal for the state employees to be looking at the information.

Alan Brody, a spokesman for Gansler, said a response should come this week.

“It is under review and we expect to complete a response in the next couple days,” Brody wrote in an email Monday night. ... 71c64.html

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