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Laws regarding firearms
This will only take 1-2 minutes of your time. It's very simple to do, and EVERY gun owner in CT can and should do it.

Governor Malloy is asking for a wide variety of input from the public on current regulations that affect Connecticut citizens in numerous ways.
It is currently a violation of state regulations to carry a firearm for personal protection in state parks and state forests. Pistol Permit holders go through training, background checks and pay a lot of money to obtain these permits. Since the Governor is asking for change recommendations, please take this opportunity by using the instructions below.
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By myglimk2
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By jerryd
Done hope it works!
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By GerryB
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By Arby238
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By Mike_Diako
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By XM15
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By LTB45
Share the info with friends. If we flood them with this it MAY just make a difference
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By Sebring_Pop
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By JohnB

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