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Laws regarding firearms
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By Vincent228
I have been following quite a few candidates for governor, and haven't found a single one that wasn't for, signed it or was wishy washy about the new legislation in our state. The only person I
Found that was speaking openly about it was one candidate. Joe Visconti. But it seems the GOP locked him out to keep one of the signers of sb1160 (John McKinney)alive in the primaries. I know Joe is staying alive on the ballot through petition. Any registered republican or independent can go to his website and find out how to sign his petition. Let's stop doing the same thing over and over again, and put a man in that can make a difference! You can go to Joes website here. -

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By MagysDrawers
He may be all for gun rights but he has no hope at all of taking the election. All guys like him will do is detract from the only possibility we have - Foley - and so weaken Foley's campaign that we get 4 more years of Malloy. Like it of not, this is not the time to split the Republican vote. Numbers are everything in an election, never more so than this year.
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By Vincent228
I cant disagree that the GOP has backed Foley. BUT. Foley was MIA for 4 years. there have been a lot of new voters that came in the last 4 years, and don't know foley from squat. people have been voting for people with personalities and speak their language (hence Obama and Christie). the GOP keeps picking the same kind of candidate. They have personalities that are drier than the sahara and then lose (hence McCain, Romney, and Foley once before). We are Americans and have the right to Vote how we want. So you have your choice. and I have mine. Personally, I feel Foley (by causing McKinney the gun grabber alive), may have set up John McKinney for the Win. Don't count out the people that are running against Foley. people have obviously wanted change. So what makes anyone thing that the GOP picking the same old mold for a candidate is going to work this time? The GOP does not listen to the people. the average voter in Connecticut is not following every aspect of the election. they vote the person that reaches them. Foley has no personality to reach anyone.
this is a different group of voters than 4 years ago.
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By MessEleven
Visconti isn't qualified to run for dog catcher. In fact, if he had an ounce of class, he'd stop this nonsense and back Foley immediately. If he manages enough votes for the primary, he still has less chance of winning than the possibilty of the Pope becoming a Jew.

What this self-centered interloper can do however, is split public opinion adequately to put Malloy back in office. And that's unacceptable.

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